Castleton Primary School, Armley, Leeds

Working with Wates Construction Ltd, Broxap provided this series of monopitch canopies to cover four areas outside of this newly built expansion to the school.

The canopies span four areas with the longest run sitting 300mm away from the new build, rainwater is shed to the front of the canopies and at the rear Broxap installed a weather resistance barrier on the surface of the canopies between canopy and building to ensure no water falls between the rear of the canopy and the existing building.

Guttering is fixed beneath the front edge of the canopy and is shed via downpipe which are situated on the front canopy column legs.

A further canopy is situated within the school grounds to service the outside of another classroom and is in the same style but without the weather strip feature as this was on a more enclosed side of the school and protected from the elements.

The canopies also allow for the addition of a fire safety sprinkler system (supplied and fitted by others) to be situated underneath and running the length of the canopies.

The canopies now create a series of outdoor areas for each classroom situated in the new building.

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