Creswell CE Infant & Nursery School

Creswell CE Infant & Nursery School

The School had two existing timber canopies that were now after many years in a state of disrepair and the School was desperate to create a new classroom for the children. The School wanted an area that was completely dry for the children to play in but didn’t have enough in their budget to be able to afford a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ extension/building.

Broxap took a look and listened to what the school required before coming up with a design that was a) affordable and b) fitted the criteria of keeping pupils dry.

The school were supplied with a 3D visual of a bespoke freestanding Broxap shelter complete with PVC entrance doors and windows fitted with safety glass and featuring fire/panic release systems. The roof and non window areas were clad with multi-wall polycarbonate and solid upvc panels.

As this was a freestanding structure in Derbyshire, structural calculations were required by the council to approve the installation. With the initial order placed Broxap surveyed the area and provided a full set of structural calculations to the council and worked closely with them as well as the school during the approval process. On approval Broxap moved onto on site to begin work on installing the structure.

The result is a fantastic new classroom which utilizes the existing space and works in conjunction with the surrounding buildings giving pupils a comfortable dry play area.

The school are now deciding on which type of flooring they would like to add the finishing touch to a magnificent new addition to the school.