The Curve, William Street, Slough

Slough Borough Council tasked contractors Morgan Sindall Plc to bring to life the vision that is ‘The Curve’ a public municipal building in Slough that would house the local Library and Cultural Centre giving visitors a modern and impressive building as the focal point to their community.

Broxap were invited by Morgan Sindall to create elements of external furniture across the project, this included a secure cycle shelter and generator store plus bin stores, cycle parking stands and hand railing to the steps at the entrance.

Broxap chose to use a combination of their ‘Blox’ shelters to achieve the desired effect for the cycle shelter, bin store and generator housing. Variations of the ‘Blox’ were utilised to create these elements with the cycle shelter and wheelie bin store having a secure mesh gate at the front , timber cladding and a HPS Colorcoat roof. In collaboration with the bin store an open top version of teh ‘Blox was used to surround the electrical generators giving them their own secure area.

In an other area of the building a different version of the ‘Blox’ was created to accommodate wheelie bins behind secure lockable doors that were only as high as the bins themselves at the front, this giving an easy route to the bin for staff to deposit waste whilst the bins remained locked away.

to the front of the building Broxap provided a ‘quick stop’ cycle parking element with some stainless steel ‘Curve’ style stands that emulated the curve of the building itself.

Broxap also provided three bespoke stainless steel hand rails to the steps at the entrance of the building.