Dundee Railway Station, Dundee

As part of the new £38 million pound redevelopment of Dundee Railway Station Broxap won the contract to provide the new station with a standalone cycle hub which would house two tier cycle parking.

Nico Russell Studios the project Architects had an original ‘vision’, which was to create something that wouldn’t appear like a ‘box shape’ structure, would have a non symmetrical footprint and  a clear almost frameless glazed frontage.

Broxap engineered a solution that took elements of a louvred rear section (based around their previous project for BET365 cycle parking compound) and integrated this with a frontage that featured glazed panels giving the effect of a glass wall to the front, the louvered element continued at the top of the glazing and around to the sides allowing a good air flow through the hub.

Access to the Hub is via an automated sliding door whilst to the rear there is an automated single Fire Exit door for emergencies. Glazed panels at the front are clear 17.5mm heat soaked toughened laminated glass with ‘vision’ indicators.

LED lighting on PIR sensors provides plenty of light inside the hub during the hours of darkness.

Two Tier parking racks provide space for 120 cycles within the hub.