Falklands Post & Rail System.

Broxap products can now be found in the Falkland Islands.

Our Morecambe PU Posts and Galvanised Mild Steel Rail can be seen running along the infamous Stanley Harbour.

Broxap were top of the list when the Public Works Department of the Falkland Islands Government were looking for their new post & rail system.

Our parapet caught the eye of the customer when they were looking online which prompted them to contact us with a design that they had in mind.

Working closely with the customer we were able to finalise the project, looking at the amount of posts required, specific colours, fixings and rail materials.

The posts which stand above ground at 1240mm high were painted by Broxap in a vibrant blue colour which complements the coastal aesthetic.

The galvanised hand rails were left unpainted, creating an aesthetically pleasing contrast between the two different aspects of the project.

The posts and rail system was installed as part of a restoration project for the Stanley Harbour sea front.

The finished products were core drilled into the brand new concrete promenade.

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