Harlaxton Primary School, Lincolnshire

Harlaxton Primary School had a rather small space between two areas of the existing school building. This space was effectively ‘dead space’ as it could only be used by pupils in good weather and didn’t really offer any functional teaching space.

Having seen what Broxap could achieve through our Shelters for Schools brochures and emails the Head decided to tackle this space and asked Broxap to design a functional, enclosed area between the two buildings with access to the playground beyond.

Broxap took a previous project that they had undertaken and used this design at St. Michael’s Catholic High School and designed a version for Harlaxton.

The area that Harlaxton wished to enclosed was quite restricted however due to the modular design of Broxap canopies/shelters it was straight forward enough to produce a canopy to suit the area.

The bespoke Newcastle Senior enclosed shelter sits above the existing roof allowing some air flow into the area beneath, guttering was used to capture rainwater from the roof and filter down through drainpipes at the front into water butts so the water could be used to water planting areas within the school grounds.

The screened front has clear PETg UV Clear panels to allow light in and easy vision out as well as combining a pari of fire safety doors which allow access out onto the playground. The roof is clad again with PETg UV but in a Bronze tint to filter UV rays in summer and reduce heat from the sun into the shelter on hot Summer days.

The pupils now have a fantastic dry enclosed classroom where they can play and learn throughout the year whatever the weather.

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