Huntingdon House, Jockey Lane, York

This NHS Care Centre had the need for a large amount of cycle parking however did not have any large scale space available.

Broxap amongst others were contacted by Simpson (York) Ltd who were tasked with providing the centre with a solution to their need for cycle parking.

Broxap suggested the use of their Wardale Hi Rise shelter which would house their Hi-Rise Two Tier system, this allowing a large amount of cycles to be parked in upper and lower bays beneath the shelter.

Simpson (York) Ltd worked with their client at Huntingdon and it was agreed between the parties that the Broxap solution offered the best price and product that would effectively solve the problem they had with cycle parking.

Broxap installed a concrete pad and then installed the shelter and two tier parking system upon it whilst a yellow banded area was applied to the current carpark in front of the shelter to provide a pedestrian walkway past the shelter and keep cars from parking too close to the shelter.

Cyclists now have the ability to ride right up to the shelter and dismount before storing their bike in either the lower or upper level of the system. Users find the ‘pull down/push up’ trough system of the upper tiers easy to use and can easily secure their cycle in two places by using the integrated wheel brace and list up security bracket.