Kings Mall, London.

Broxap’s Granite Benches have added a sense of modernity to the internal settings of Kings Mall in London.

Kings Mall is a shopping centre/mall which is situated in the heart of London. The shopping centre provides a shopping experience for both local residents and tourists alike .

The benches were installed as part of a series of on-going renovations, and the mall itself isn’t the only element with a new look. Kings Mall are currently developing a brand new website too.

This new look is surely going to draw in more shoppers! 

The shopping mall itself has an external modern aesthetic and these benches echo this exterior.

These benches, which are typically used as ‘street furniture’ complement the urban surroundings in which the mall is situated.

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The hard wearing, durable, yet aesthetically pleasing benches are both practical and visually appealing.

Providing shoppers with a place to rest is essential. With scares of our high streets dying, we need to look into why this is happening – and one of the reasons could be the lack of appropriate seating opportunities.

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