Leeds City Council

Broxap were awarded the contract to supply Leeds City Council with litter bins until 2020. The contract was awarded in November 2016 and comes off the back of a trusted customer relationship of over ten years. Leeds City Council have trusted Broxap to supply great quality, long lasting durable bins all over their city for over ten years and have been extremely impressed by the quality product provided.

Leeds City Council decided upon the Derby range of litter bins when choosing their design. However, they put their own spin on them with a custom logo. The majority of the bins supplied to Leeds City Council are the Derby Standard Litter bin, as its classic design allows it to complement any surrounding. The only deviation from this is in the city’s parks, where they use the Derby Round. By having the same bin supplier and using the same range of bins allows for consistency across the entire city. Not only does having consistency ensure that the entire city follows the same design, making it look great, it also demonstrates practicality too, as all Broxap bins require the same size bin liner and use the same key. This makes it so much easier for the council when it comes to town maintenance and the emptying of bins.

Though Leeds City Council use the same Derby Standard litter bin across the city there is one subtle difference. The colour. Though they have ensured that all of their bins are in fact a traditional black, the detailing is actually two different colours. Historically the bins positioned in the outer city were gold and black and those found in the city centre were silver and black. Something which Broxap were happy to replicate when designing bins for the different areas of Leeds.

These Broxap litter bins intended to help to ensure the correct disposal of litter. The bins were designed to include the lettering ‘Dog Waste Accepted’ in order to enhance the message which Keep Britain Tidy are trying to drive home. Keep Britain Tidy state that dog waste is a major problem in UK towns and cities, with over 70% of local authorities reporting a major problem. Their campaign ‘The Dog Poo Fairy’ uses the slogan ‘Bag that poo – Any bin will do’ and by displaying the message of ‘Dog Waste Accepted’ on the majority of their bins, Leeds City Council are ensuring that Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign is being emphasised to the public.

Another problem with litter in the UK surrounds cigarette litter. Cigarette butts are amongst the most commonly discarded piece of waste worldwide. Therefore in order to help combat this issue Leeds City Council decided to have the optional extra of the Self-Closing Ash Tray positioned on the top of a selection of their bins. This should help to entice smokers to discard of their litter in the correct manor rather than on the floor, therefore aiding in tackling the growing litter problems in the UK.