Newham Greenway Cycling Route, London

Broxap designed, manufactured and installed a selection of bins for the London Borough of Newham. They wanted to install a collection of 30 bins that could be placed along Newham Greenway Cycling Route. This is a popular route with both cyclists and walkers. The bins were designed by the London Borough of Newham.  However, they were based upon Broxap’s Derby Standard Contemporary Litter Bin. They altered the original design and put their own unique spin on our ever popular bin. This is something that Broxap were happy to help with, and thoroughly enjoyed manufacturing such an interesting and bespoke design.

The bins were manufactured by our team of experts, and once completed a sample was provided for the approval of London Borough of Newham before the full quantity was both purchased and produced. The bins were manufactured in the colour Grey Olive RAL 6006. This allowed them to blend into and complement the natural surroundings. Therefore enhancing rather than distracting from the natural aesthetic of the environment in which the bins had been placed.

These bins were designed to both look great and be an asset to the cycling path, they were also designed with practicality in mind. These sturdy and durable bins not only allow for passers-by to dispose of their general litter but they also have added features which aid in the disposal of different types of litter too. These bins were designed to encourage the correct disposal of multiple different types of litter, including dog waste which is a growing problem amongst public footpaths. This has been advertised by the use of laser cut lettering which reads, ‘Dog Waste’, being positioned on the bins. The bins were also topped with an optional Self-Closing Ashtray to allow for the correct disposal of cigarette litter. Therefore further encouraging the public to dispose of all of their waste correctly. Henceforth keeping the Newham Greenway Cycle Route cleaner and more appealing to both walkers and cyclists alike.