The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Camden

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine is at the forefront of research and study into public health. Their mission is truly global with an aim to improve health equity not just in the UK, but internationally. With such a wide-reaching, outward-facing ethos and staff based at sites across the world, it is no wonder that they saw the need for a comprehensive approach to environmentalism at their core hubs in London.

When choosing a solution for internal waste management, LSHTM settled on the Daventry units, a range which marries together galvanised steel liners with an outer casing in lightweight steel and an in-built, lockable door sitting perfectly flush with the frame. The client chose the bins for their contemporary, slimline design which takes up relatively little floor space, whilst maximising capacity.

It’s important to note that opting for a model which is less obstructive needn’t mean it will sink into the background to be forgotten! Broxap worked with the client to ensure that the bins in this project would stand out. This would mean responsible waste management could be front and centre. To do this, the units were powder coated black and we added a large, bespoke backboard complete with colour-coded labels. Theses labels and aperture flaps included smart, characterful artwork which was provided by the client and reproduced by Broxap.

Choosing the right size of internal recycling bins for LSHTM

The Daventry Internal Recycling Bin is available in single, modular units as well as double and treble models. However, one of the benefits of choosing Broxap is the potential for bespoke creations; it means we can tailor solutions which suit the exact needs of the client. Hence, LSHTM settled on two configurations which fitted their requirement for hundreds of internal recycling bins; in addition to a standard unit (the treble), they also chose a bespoke double design.

Whilst the standard product they opted for consists of three separate liners with 56 litre capacities, their double units were created with:

  • one liner in the standard size,
  • one 112 litre waste stream for mixed recycling.

This way, all units now hold the same amount of waste and share the same outward dimensions, but the visual consistency does not compromise the efficiency of their recycling scheme.

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