Maurice Wilkes Building, St. John’s Innovation Park, Cambridge

Vinci Construction UK Ltd were engaged in working on the new St John’s Innovation Park at Cambridgshire. As part of this is the £15m building known as the Maurice Wilkes Building (named after the esteemed technology pioneer Sir Maurice Wilkes and recognised as a grade A flag ship building), this required a series of cycle parking solutions within the area. Broxap were charged with providing these solutions however the criteria from the architect for the large scale cycle compound was different in scope to any of their existing shelters but this wasn’t an issue to Broxap as their design/drawing office produced a cost effective engineered solution to match the architects vision.

The steel slat effect mirrors elements of the main buildings on the campus, whilst inside the Broxap two tier cycle parking system offers large scale easy parking of cycles.

The mechanical coded lock offers security access to users, whilst elsewhere on campus there are other less security conscience cycle parking solution for short stay users in the form of a monopitch Newcastle shelter in a run of 2 formation with Hi-Rise installed beneath; as well as a single Newcastle Monopitch with Sheffield stands beneath for parking.

All shelters and racks were supplied in a galvanised finish and with aluminium roof cladding panels.