Newbiggin By The Sea, Northumberland

Broxap recently designed, manufactured and installed a collection of fifty litter bins for Newbiggin By The Sea. Newbiggin By The Sea is a coastal town in Northumberland. Therefore due to the location there were a few considerations which Broxap had to look into before supplying these great bins. Bins which are positioned on the coast can often succumb to greater environmental damage due to the salty sea air, as well as the damp atmosphere. Therefore in order to prolong the life expectancy of the litter bins they were constructed using galvanised steel.

The bins chosen were the Derby Standard, and were kept very traditional using the standard black and gold colour scheme. This traditional colour scheme matched the aesthetic of the historic nature of this seaside town. However, they were finished with D1036 Architectural Paint as it gives good exterior durability and colour retention. To again help reduce the effects of the coastal location.

Though the client chose the traditional style Derby Standard Litter Bin, they did decide upon adding a bespoke polycarbonate logo which depicted the name of the town and its heritage. Another added extra which they decided was necessary was the ‘Self-Closing Ash Tray’ this was a great decision as providing an ash tray encourages the correct disposal of cigarette litter. Something that is a growing problem especially on the coast. The MCSUK have estimated that a total of 3.2 million cigarette butts can be found on beaches each year. This cigarette litter can then take up to ten years to fully decompose leaving it a problem for both marine life and also beach goers and tourists.