Nexus School, Tonbridge, Kent

This School Regeneration Project to create a brand new Flag ship SEN School provided Broxap with the opportunity to design, manufacture and supply a series of canopies within various areas of the school, ranging from 33 metre and 13 metres in length. There was also a requirement for a first floor wall mounted canopy where the design was imperative to ensure the school got the coverage it needed.  A 6 metre Gullwing canopy was installed at the Nursery.

There were certain areas that were extremely challenging to install canopies within especially the inner courtyard area which required elements to be craned into the courtyard and then installed from within.

Large scale runs of the Newcastle Monopitch Canopy with ‘run off’ canopies to create classroom entrance canopies were installed to one side of the school whilst out at the entrance there was a requirement for cover to the disabled parking spaces. Here Broxap provided a large scale cantilever monopitch canopy to the edge of the parking bays enabling disabled students or visitors to arrive and then be covered as they entered the school.

Broxap also supplied a series of Tensile Fabric Canopies designed to provide ambient, cool and waterproof  covered areas for SEN pupils.

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