Norton CEVC Primary School, Bury St Edmunds

Wishing to create a shaded and showerproof covered area the school contacted Broxap with regard to a fabric canopy. The school wanted something light, airy and with some shape to it instead of a standard polycarbonate canopy.

Broxap took a look at what type of budget the school had and recommended this perimeter beam shade sail as the most cost effective canopy solution to covering the area. The showerproof fabric filtering harmful UV rays and creating shade beneath during the summer and the canopy being showerproof in winter.

The shape of the canopy cast shades beneath that moved with the path of the sun providing shade to pupils below whilst creating interesting shapes on the playground floor.

The canopy is secured on galvanized steel columns that are set into concrete foundations and the sail is easily detachable for removal during heavy snow fall or to clean.

Harmful UV rays are filtered through the fabric reducing harmful radiation and creating a cool shaded area beneath.

During a rain shower the fabric holds the rainwater and disperses it to the edges to fall ensuring only the minimal amount of rain passes through the fabric itself.

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