Norwich City Centre Cycle Stands

The ‘Norwich’ cycle stands are a distinctive design created by Norwich City Council for use in the city centre where the quality of the streetscape is an important concern. The design was developed due to feedback from local cyclists who demanded a cycle stand that worked with varying types of cycle lock. Several companies were approached initially and Broxap Limited provided the best overall response to the manufacturing requirements.

With over 70 years of expertise and knowledge in the design and manufacture of street furniture, Broxap worked together with Norwich City Council to create a unique and individual mould/pattern to satisfy the recommended specification.

Once manufactured and delivered, Norwich Council’s own framework contractors installed an initial 20 cycle stands into the East Anglian’s bustling city centre streets.

“The team at Broxap were most helpful, responsive and professional throughout the process leading to the delivery of the new stands. These have now been installed in various locations in Norwich city centre. Broxap have provided good customer service and we will continue to use the company to supply these stands in future.”

Tim Mellors. Senior landscape architect. Norwich City Council. Directorate of Regeneration and Development.