Poole Quayside, Dorset

Broxap recently installed over fifty Derby Double Wheelie Bin Containers for Poole Quayside in Dorset. The Quay in Poole is an historic, tourism-rich town which once held host to sea captains and pirates. Due to this town’s coastal location and historic stature it is a well-known hotspot for British tourism and therefore it is extremely important that it is kept clean, tidy and free from waste.

The Broxap Derby Double Wheelie Bin Containers are the perfect choice for this coastal location. The litter bins have a capacity of 480 litres, combining two sections of 240 litres each. Having such a large capacity means that each unit can hold triple the amount of waste of a standard litter bin. This therefore allows councils to keep on top of the town’s appearance, helping to ensure that bins do not overflow onto its beautiful streets or into the ocean.

The litter bins each have two separate sections. One side is clearly labelled with ‘Litter and Dog Waste’ allowing for passers-by to dispose of their general litter and dog fouling in an appropriate manor. Having a combined section is a great way to keep on top of pet-related waste on our high streets. This follows on from Keep Britain Tidy’s campaign which issued the slogan ‘Bag that poo, any bin will do.’

The second section of the litter bin holds recyclable waste. This section is clearly labelled with the heading ‘Recycling’ and a specific list of materials which are accepted. This is an integral element of the unit; it not only allows the public to dispose of their waste, but it also provides them with the means of disposing of it in a responsible manner.

The litter bins were designed in our traditional Black and Gold colour scheme in order to complement the town’s aesthetic. In order to reduce the impact of a damp, salt-rich environment, the bins were finished with the C5 Coastal Coating to make them particularly robust. With a long-lasting coating and large capacity, these bins will guarantee visitors and residents can enjoy their clean, coastal town for years to come.