Recreation Ground, Rubery.

Broxap’s Heswall Seat has provided a resting space for residents of a new housing development in Rubery.

The seats, sit within a brand new recreation ground which is situated at the centre of a new housing development in Rubery , Birmingham.

The new recreation ground provides residents with an outdoor “green space” which can be used for a multitude of different activities. Including but not limited to; outdoor play, fitness activities, running & walking, and picnic opportunities.

The new benches which were designed, manufactured and installed by Broxap,  provide residents with seating opportunities whilst they enjoy the great outdoors.

Having seating opportunities within green spaces such as this one, can help to encourage, and increase the amount of people who use these outdoor spaces.

Seating such as this provides a resting place for joggers, dog walkers, and also provides a community meeting point for both the elderly and youth.  This can go towards helping to tackle isolation; a growing problem amongst the outlined age demographics.

The installed “Heswall” Seat has an elegant and sleek design and is produced using grade 304 stainless steel.

The stainless steel provides a contemporary aesthetic which complements the modernity of the new surrounding houses.

Making it the perfect addition to this brand new green space. 
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