Saltley School, Birmingham

Saltley School and Specialist Science College is a newly refurbished teaching establishment in the heartlands of Birmingham. We were invited to quote for a series of shelters which would enhance the areas the students used to a great demand & establish more capacity at certain times of the day in particular areas. In addition they wanted to offer the students alfresco dining, whilst still having protection against the British weather.

Working closely with Lend Leese Facilities Management Ltd, Broxap provided three very different, Newcastle Senior style canopies.
The main structure needed was to extend the area where the canteen was – the internal space was too small to occupy the whole of the student capacity over the lunchtime period and our proposal allowed for an external dining area; fully covered to allow to not only extra capacity, but greater flexibility of the area and the eating habits of the users. This has proved very successful and has allowed a greater flow of pupils to the areas offered.

The second area was a more intimate & flexible area – used mainly for students in a quiet quadrangle area of the school, this canopy was also a link between two parts of the school, allowing full movement without the need to get wet. The installation of seating allowed the students more time and space to use this to its full capacity throughout the day. This monopitched shelter fitted in aesthetically with the rest of the environment.
The third was to be a walkway / waiting area situated next to the new sports hall. This shelter allows the students to wait in line, completely dry & unperturbed whilst awaiting the opportunity to utilise what limited space that the sports hall entrance / waiting area had. The design fits in well with the sports hall environment as well as being practical and fully utilised by the students all day every day.

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