Sandbach Park, Cheshire.

Broxap installed a range of seating facilities at Sandbach Park in Cheshire.

The installed seating combined both modern, and traditional aesthetics, with the choice of two very different benches.

The park was originally opened in 1901 and is set over 9 acres of land. This makes it the largest public park in the parish of Sandbach.

Due to the history of the park, the traditional Eastgate Seat was installed.

This timeless piece of street furniture, not only echoed the parks history, but added to it as well.

In comparison to this, the parish also decided to install the more modern Weybridge Steel Framed bench. Though seemingly at the opposite end of the spectrum to the traditional Eastgate Seat, this modern bench adds a different element to this historic park.

The Weybridge Steel Framed bench is curved and allows for a large volume of park goers to rest.

The two benches complement each other and in turn complement the aesthetic of the park.

Both of these styles of benches were specially selected to be park of a renovation of this great green space. The benches add to the park, and encourage more people to use the facilities.

Thus hopefully creating a community hub for the people of Sandbach and its surrounding areas.

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