Saughton Park, Edinburgh.

Broxap benches are the next step in an ongoing restoration project in Saughton Park.

Saughton Park in Edinburgh is often described as a ‘hidden gem’. Located in the south west of Edinburgh, it is a bustling community hub. Though the park itself is in need of some repair, it is still a beautiful green space.

As part of an ongoing project to restore and improve the park, Broxap have supplied a series of benches which aim to add to the natural beauty of the surrounding areas.

The project saw us supply the ‘Welbourne’ Picnic Unit, as well as other timber seating options. The timber seating areas, do not derive from the natural aesthetic of the park. In fact they enhance the already verdant surroundings. Something which lies at the heart of this project.

As well as restoring this park to its former glory, the project has also focused on reducing its carbon footprint.

There are plans in place to install a ‘ground source heat pump system’ and build a ‘micro-hydro scheme’ – These will be used to provide ‘zero carbon’ energy for the park.

By turning this green space into a ‘green’ space it will save a massive 72 tonnes of CO² emissions from being thrown into the atmosphere each year!

These modern looking benches truly add to the new look of this great park.  With plans to improve the play area, as well as adding safety and security measures we are sure that this beautiful park will look great again!

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