Saxon Centre, Kempston.

Broxap’s Eastgate Seats have been placed at the heart of a regeneration project involving Saxon Centre Square, Kempston.

Saxon Centre Square lies at the heart of the community and this regeneration project will hopefully see it given a new lease of life.

Amongst other works, Bedford Borough Council called for new updated seating in the centre square.

That’s where Broxap comes in.

Our Eastgate Seat provides seating opportunities for residents of Kempston, whilst the traditional aesthetic complements the town’s unique heritage.

However, not everything about these seats is traditional. The seats themselves are made from cast iron, however they also include ‘Recycled Plastic Slats’ in Brown.

These recycled plastic slats have been made using recycled materials, giving these benches a green stamp.

Here at Broxap we support and encourage the use of recycled materials, you can browse our full range of recycled plastic seating here.

Furthermore, the benches were painted in RAL 4002 “Red Violet”. This therefore makes the benches a focal point for residents.

Having these beautiful benches in this area not only adds to the aesthetic of the area, but it also provides shoppers, with a place to rest.

Having appropriate seating facilities in areas such as this will help to to ensure that more people use our high streets. Something which is great from both community cohesion and also economic purposes too.

Find out more about why improving your high streets can entice more shoppers in our blog.

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