The Scallop Shell – Interior Seating, Bath

Broxap designed and manufactured a range of double sided seats for The Scallop Shell in Bath. The exclusive restaurant has had a band new renovation including a new downstairs area with a ‘potato room.’ Customers will also spot a brand new stair case which leads to their great new upstairs dining area. The restaurant owner and restaurant designer, Georgie Letters, were looking for a creative design to complement their rustic sea themed restaurant. The seating that Broxap provided was used to create booths along both sides of their new first floor extension.

The design was based on the popular Pierhead Seat but then adapted to suit The Scallop Shell’s needs. The seats were made using Iroko hardwood timber slats, which complement the newly installed oak beams, wooden tables and even wooden lampshades. The frame is made using a profiled steel and coated in a black blue colour making it great for any sea themed area. The new booths can sit up to six people at one time, meaning that large groups can enjoy dining at The Scallop Shell.

Owner Gary Rosser told The Bath Echo that “There’s a great vibe about the upstairs area and we love all the design elements of the new restaurant which, as an extension to our seating numbers, will mean that customers’ wait time for tables is reduced.”

Broxap are well known for the design and manufacture of street furniture but can also provide cost effective solutions for both external and internal furniture requirements.