Silvertrees Academy, Tipton, W. Mids.

Silvertrees Academy had a large outdoor play area that was fenced in but was open to the elements. They contacted Broxap after receiving a copy of the Shelters for Schools brochure that we regularly post to schools.

Having seen some of the projects undertaken to create outdoor classrooms, they decided on one of our Monopitch shelters to cover a large portion of the area, ensuring they could leave play equipment outdoors in bad weather and it would remain dry.

Pupils can now use this area during bad weather and are protected from the elements, during summer the canopy creates a shaded play area as well offering UV protection whilst the children play outside.

The canopy was designed and installed by Broxap to suit the pitch of the existing school roof and is finished off with coloured post protectors to enhance the canopy even further.

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