St Thomas More Voluntary Academy, Leicester

At this primary school, the use of the yard for learning through play was already a well established part of educational life. Within this outdoor area, younger peoples frequently left the classroom to engage with the curriculum, learning in alternative ways. However, bad weather would often keep them inside.

Consequently, the school needed a solution which would allow the tradition of alternative learning environments to continue in all weathers.

Upon being approached by St Thomas More Catholic Voluntary Academy, Broxap began to discuss the scope for an outdoor classroom. This happy collaboration found success in an asymmetric shelter design from Broxap’s popular ‘Newcastle’ range.

To complete the package and meet the school’s needs, Broxap made the addition of PETg UV clad front and sides to the Newcastle Senior Asymmetric. Therefore pupils can reap the benefits of an alternative surrounding which also keeps inclement weather at bay during their lessons.

Furthermore, the benefits are not limited to the rain! To prevent dangerous levels of exposure to sun, Broxap also clad the roof with opaque Multiwall polycarbonate. As such, UV rays pass through at a much lower rate, and children can learn in safety.

Broxap & The Outdoor Learning Area

Broxap has been successfully designing and installing shelters and canopies for the education sector for a significant number of years. You can now find their outdoor classrooms, dining canopies, covered walkways, cycle hubs and sports shelters on school grounds across the UK. Want to find out more about Broxap’s shelters division within the education sector?

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