Waterside Housing Development

Broxap provided a selection of benches and cycle shelters for Horizon Landscapes, Westleigh Partnership LTD, to be placed in a brand new residential development in Loughborough. Waterside Court is a housing development which was set up in Loughborough.  This new development aims to provide people over 55 who need regular care with a housing solution that allows them to be independent, whilst still receiving the round the clock care which they require. The housing development opened this September and thus far has been a great success.

Broxap supplied two types of benches including the Willenhall Seat and the Medway Seat. They were placed in a communal garden area which allows for social interaction between residents. This is extremely important for older people in this type of environment as they can become lonely and isolated due the nature of their health complications. Find out more about how placing benches for elderly people can improve their sense of community, by reading our blog Benches Help Bring Communities Together.

One of the key aims set out by the housing development was to keep residents active for as long as possible. Being physically active can help to improve both fitness and also mental agility, and therefore it is important to keep residents moving. Therefore cycle parking facilities were requested giving space for up to five bicycles. The cycle rack can be used to house both resident’s bicycles or even staff bicycles, thus encouraging sustainable travel to and from work.