Y Pant Comprehensive School, Llantrisant

As part of a wider supply of external furniture including seating and litter bins on this new build school project; Broxap also supplied this large scale St. John Fisher covered walkway to traverse the sides of the school. The freestanding canopies create a covered walkway providing linkways between school buildings ensuring staff and pupils can easily travel between the buildings easily and are sheltered during bad weather. The roof is clad with a patented toughened glass system and the canopy has a rear gutter that collects rainwater and feeds it to downpipes at the columns which deposit it at ground level.

Broxap also provided a series of outdoor furniture products including Synergy Litter Bins, Weyburn stainless steel benches, Wythenshawe timber and steel circular bench and a run of Apollo shelters with Harrogate Racks beneath.