York House, Windsor.

Broxap have recently been involved in a fantastic project at York House in Windsor.

They have provided an array of different pieces of street furniture for the office complex, which holds hundreds of employees.

Broxap’s street furniture has been installed as part of an ongoing renovation to the brand new office building, which has just seen a brand new roof terrace be erected.

The three story office building sits in the centre of Windsor’s urban landscape, meaning that an outdoor area at ground level, just was not possible.

Therefore, the new roof terrace provides employees with a tranquil outdoor area which can be used for dining, as well as relaxing away from their desk during work breaks.

Amongst the installed equipment, was the Litchard Steel Framed Bench and Seat, as well as the Litchard Picnic Table and multiple timber planters. These beautiful timber pieces add a natural element to this urban setting.

The new seating area encourages employees to enjoy the outdoors, bringing a multitude of benefits to employee health. This includes both physical, and mental health.

In addition to this, having planters situated amongst the seating space will create an environmentally beneficial area.  As well as ensuring an aesthetically pleasing space too.

Looking for something similar for your employees? Why not contact one of our trained sales advisors and they can help you to create the perfect outdoor space.