Picnic Tables

Broxap design, manufacture and supply a large selection of weatherproof, outdoor picnic benches in a range of colours and materials. These include cast ironsteeltimberconcrete and recycled plastic. All of which are suitable to convert restaurants, parks, pubs and other leisure facilities into warm, inviting and welcoming rest areas.

Broxap’s range of picnic benches and seats can also be supplied as free standing units, submerged fixed or base plate fixed.

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  1. Cannock Chase Picnic Bench - Extended Table Top
    BX14 3210 Cannock Chase Picnic Bench - Extended Table Top
    From £898.00
  2. Burnpark Picnic Bench
    BX14 4013 Burnpark Picnic Bench
    From £679.00
  3. Malvern Picnic Unit
    BX14 4024 Malvern Picnic Unit
    From £1,459.00
  4. Thornhill Picnic Bench at Jack Berry House, Malton
    BX14 3003 Thornhill Picnic Unit
    From £1,655.00
  5. Tiptree Picnic Bench at University of Essex
    BX14 4041 Tiptree Picnic Bench
    From £2,669.00
  6. Eastgate Picnic Bench
    BX 2038 Eastgate Picnic Bench
    From £1,059.00
  7. Welbourne Picnic Bench
    BX14 4016 Welbourne Picnic Bench
    From £1,251.00
  8. H-Frame Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450005 H-Frame Picnic Table
    From £436.00
  9. T-Frame Picnic Table
    BX/PD 450018 T-Frame Picnic Table
    From £546.00
  10. Party Table
    BX/PD 450010 Party Table
    From £762.00
  11. Bridgend Picnic Bench
    BX14 4001-R Bridgend Picnic Bench
    From £1,325.00
  12. Bridgend Picnic Bench - Square
    BX14 4001-S Bridgend Picnic Bench - Square
    From £1,258.00
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Items 13-24 of 47