Compaction Bin

Broxap is the UK distributor of PEL compaction bins, offering innovative and sustainable solutions to reducing carbon emissions and single-use plastic across litter management systems. We operate in a broad variety of markets, supplying the longest-lasting and highest-quality products available. The addition of the Brite Bin to our vast litter & recycling bin range is another great way to overcome litter management challenges. The BriteBin Smart Solar Compacting Bin is an award-winning compaction litter bin designed to reduce carbon emissions and improve the effectiveness of waste collection by compacting all recyclable materials in a small space before being transported to site. The use of a compaction bin means transport costs are being cut, as contractors will not need to travel as often to collect waste, reducing carbon emissions.
Our sales team are available to provide further information about the BriteBin Smart Solar Compacting Bin, please contact us on 01782 564411.

Features & Benefits of the BriteBin Smart Solar Compacting Bin


  • Self-contained, removing the risk of overflowing litter escaping and contaminating the local area.
  • Communicates when it is full at zero cost by storing power produced by its solar panel.
  • Reduces the number of vehicle journeys associated with collections by compressing greater volumes of waste within the unit until it is full.
  • Cuts the number of plastic bags in use.
  • Reduces the number of street litter bin collections by up to 10 times to 1.

Specifications of the BriteBin Smart Solar Compacting Bin


  • 120L, 240L or 360 litre capacity
  • Compactor and non-compactor variants
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Integrated solar panel
  • UV protected polycarbonate top
  • Customisable litter flap or hopper

The Ecosystem of the BriteBin Solar Compactor System