Green Roof Canopies


Green Roof Canopies
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Green Roof Canopies


Quick Overview

Green roofs also known as living roofs, can be installed on to our range of canopies, shelters and cycle shelters.

Green roofs are becoming more popular in both rural and urban areas due to the increase in rainfall and the change in climate over recent years.

These 'green' roofs are a benefit to the environment by alleviating flooding as following a heavy rainfall green roofs will initially retain more rain than a conventional roof. This minimises the initial heavy 'runoff' which can cause localised flooding and put extra pressure on sewage systems. The remaining water then drains off the roof slowly allowing more rain to remain in the natural water cycle and less in the sewage system.



Green roofs can be applied to shelters, canopies and cycle shelters with flat roofs through to ones with a slope of 45 degrees.


  • Green roofs allow shelters to blend into surrounding areas and provide a visually greener landscape.
  • The soft layer of a sedum blanked on a green roof has the effect of absorbing sound and increasing the thermal insulation.
  • Green roofs compensate for the loss of green areas that promote and encourage wildlife.
  • Retains more rain than a conventional roof which minimises the initial heavy 'run-off'
  • Water rains off the green roof slowly allowing more rain to remain in the natural water cycle

About Sedum Plants

Sedums are nearly the perfect plants. They look good from the moment they emerge from the soil in spring and continue to look fresh all season long. Sedum plants are drought-tolerant and require very little if any care. They're favourites of butterflies and useful bees. Sedums thrive in full sun with good drainage.


Broxap has installed green roof canopies at various locations through the UK on many products including cycle shelters, canopies and shelters.

For more information contact our Sales Team on 01782 571660.