Inside the Factory: What's New at Broxap?

You can depend on Broxap to create the right product for the right place.

Every day our manufacturing plant delivers bespoke street furniture, shelters, canopies and walkways, and outdoor play, sports and gym equipment to sites across the UK.

Take a look at some of the latest projects we’ve shared on social media, or get in touch to discuss how Broxap can bring your scheme to life.





This beautifully crafted wooden grasshopper is a fun addition to any outside area!

Children can learn about the anatomy of a grasshopper by looking at its antennae, long jumping legs and wings!

Over in seat assembly this afternoon, we have been busy manufacturing these four Hemstone Benches with an Iroko timber slatted top and granite block end supports!

We've got our Dragonfly and Bee ready for dispatch.

These fabulous flying mini beasts are great to play with or sit on!

Over in the workshop we have been manufacturing these Leamington Picnic Benches!
The Leamington Picnic Bench is safe, sturdy and highly functional, and has a standard timber finish.





These brilliant Burnpark Picnic Benches have been manufactured over in the workshop!

They feature a galvanised steel frame with Iroko slats.

The Sea Monster is a great centre piece and excellent imaginative play piece, it works really well in sea themed areas with some blue surfacing creating the illusion of him moving through the water.

We've been busy making Parklets over in the workshop!

This is part of the Parklet, which will be a planter!

Our most popular litter bin!

The Derby Standard steel litter bin has a capacity of 120 litres and a unique door bar hinge system.





We love these grey Derby Eros Litter Bins!

It is a heavy duty, robust galvanised steel litter bin that is ergonomically designed with contemporary style posting apertures!

These stunning Curved Benches are ready for dispatch. These are the first kind of this bench that we have manufactured!

We have a wide range of seating to meet your requirements.

This stunning large timber Square Planter Seat is perfect for playgrounds and quiet areas!

In a while, crocodile!

Our large timber crocodile has 4 big feet, a long tail and a patterned body. Children can imagine they are in a swamp, river or lake trying to escape the jaws of the crocodile! 





These fantastic Helston Benches are ready for dispatch!

Both the straight and curved version, have a mild steel baseplated frame, with a Hardwood Iroko timber slatted top!

The Bedlington Planter is a large capacity planter with a galvanised frame!

We've been busy getting them ready to be dispatched over in the workshop!

Our Compost Cottage is a fantastic way of getting children involved in composting!

Our original design enables children to feed compostable waste through the chimneys, and watch its progress as it rots down through the little windows.

Our Derby E Double Litter Bin features 2 x 120 litre galvanised liners!

These litter bins have been dispatched to Burnley Council.





In the workshop today, we're busy manufacturing the Finsbury Seat!

It features twelve heavy-duty timber slats, which make up the unique design giving a safe and protective feel.

Our Derby Round Litter Bin with the word "Litter", which has also been laser cut in Welsh are ready for dispatch! 

The Derby Round is a large capacity 130 litre litter bin with front opening door!

This morning we have been in bright and early since 5:30am working away! 

These litter bins for Newark and Sherwood District Council, have gone through powder coating.

Look at how cute these Animal Face Totems are! 

The totems are designed to encourage children to interact. Which one is your favourite?





Our Double Recycling Bins are useful for disposing of both general waste, and recycling other items.

Do your bit to help to recycle more and save the planet! 

This stunning Sound Centre incorporates our musical chimes, tiger glockenspiel and rainwheel.

It also allows space to add a number of sensory plants

These stunning blue bins have been dispatched to Canal & River Trust.

They're perfect for recycling waste and also disposing of litter correctly!

Hand Made Places, have been busy manufacturing this long slinky timber snake.

It can be placed on tarmac or grass.





The Modulock Bench System offers a very cost effective modular seating by using standard board sections which can be straight, mitred for corners, or curved in six different radii.

Hand Made Places, our playground division, have been busy in the timber workshop crafting this Buddy Bus Stop.

This product is perfect for encouraging social interaction amongst pupils.

Woah sparks are flying! Here's a shot of one of our welders in action. 

Broxap design, manufacture and install our wide range of street furniture products here in the U.K.

We've been busy over in the timber workshop.

Our playground equipment division have been creating intricate timber play sculptures such as this frog seat.





This bespoke Desford I Seat with Backrest has been manufactured so the backrest fits around an electric box.

While still allowing access to it!

Our Storyteller's Chair can be designed with bespoke engravings to suit your individual needs.

This one features a Star Wars quote!

These 60L Hercules Litter Bins are ready to be dispatched.

Follow their journey from manufacture to dispatch on our twitter profile.

This week we've been manufacturing one of our favourites... our Eastgate Seat.

This time the cast iron ends have been painted blue.





Over in the workshop this morning, we came across these great bespoke bollards, being manufactured for Larkhill Army Camp. Whatever the requirement, our experienced teams are always on hand to help bring unique projects to life.

With barbeque season coming up, this fantastic Derby BBQ Secure Fire Resistant waste Bin is great for enabling the safe disposal of any semi lit embers.

These fantastic Seated Planters are getting ready to be dispatched. Offering the chance to incorporate comfortable outdoor seating with stylish planters, they brighten up any urban area and integrate living landscape elements.

This recent order of litter bins was for Gravesham Council.

At Broxap, we are always happy to customise your litter bins with your own logo or crest!





We love the colours on these Derby Double Slimline Recycling Bin, which were a recent order for Rossendale Council. We followed the process of these litter bins being manufactured, and then saw the vinyl's and apertures being applied.

In the workshop, these cast iron bench ends are being painted bright red. Our Cast Iron Benches and Seats come in a variety of colours so we can meet your requirements. What colour would you choose?

Over in the Broxap workshop, we've been watching various products going through powder coating. Powder coating is a dry coating process, and is applied as dry powder through an electrostatic process, then cured with heat.

We've seen our Traditional Square Standard Cast Iron Bin over in the wet paint shop.

It features "LITTER" cast into the bin and has decorative horizontal banding in gold!





Our Merthyr Cycle Stand is a tubular cycle stand with crossbar and laser cut cycle motif. We've been over to see them being manufactured this morning.

These Derby Double Recycling Bins in dual colours, were a recent order for Bedford Borough. This Litter & recycling bin can be used as litter only, litter & recycled items, litter & co-mingled or a full combination of recycled materials.

In the workshop today, we've got lots of bins and bollards that have been painted black. After this, they will be sent to have the finishing touches applied.

Over in the workshop this afternoon, we've been watching a "litter" of bins going through the Pre-Treatment stage. Bonderite M-NT 1455 is applied to each product, before it goes off to be powder coated.





Here we have Rachel stood next to one of our 240L Wheelie Bin Housings. Broxap's Wheelie Bin Housings are the perfect storage solution for commercial areas and places of high footfall.

Take a seat! This afternoon over in the workshop.

We've got lots of our Eastgate Seats, all getting ready to be dispatched!

Over in the workshop, we have spotted some standard size & larger size wheelie bin housing

Thich come in a variety of styles and colours.

Over at the Hand Made Places workshop this afternoon, we saw this fantastic horse ready to be dispatched!





We love these fantastic litter bins which have been manufactured for Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council.

Over in the Broxap Streetscene workshop, they are busy getting orders manufactured to go out!

We've been over to the Hand Made Places workshop this morning, and saw this cute little Hedgehog being made!

These fantastic Derby Double Recycling Bins for a local job at Octagon Retail Park are now finished and ready to be dispatched!





These fantastic bright yellow bins for Maghull Town Centre are on their way to them!

Our litter bins can be manufactured in a range of different colours to meet your requirements!

After releasing our new Parklets, we already have our first order!

This is our Parklet in the first stage of production!

Over in the workshop today, these Bollards for Liverpool City Council are getting ready to be painted and then will be dispatched!

Guess which part of the workshop we have "bin" to today? That's right, over to see our litter bins being made. The final touches were being made to our best selling Derby Standard Litter Bin.





Over at the Hand Made Places Timber Workshop this morning, we saw these un-bee-lievable Bee Play Sculptures being assembled.

Over in the workshop, we've got these fantastic Derby Standard Recycling bins getting ready to be dispatched for West Oxfordshire District Council.

Over in the Broxap workshop today, we are busy manufacturing a Lunar Junior Cycle Shelter! This shelter can hold up to 8 cycles and comes delivered fully assembled!

These brilliant Duracast baseplated Manchester Bollards with the Manchester Bee motif on are ready to be dispatched.





Over in the Broxap workshop this week, we've been busy manufacturing these fantastic Derby Eros Round Litter bins, ready to go out to our customers!

Over in the Timber Workshop, we are currently making lots of Button Stools for the Hand Made Places division.

They aim to teach children to recognise the different creatures as they take their seats!

At Broxap today, we have these fabulous blue litter bins with a red tidy man logo on ready to be dispatched!

We have a range of Litter Bins to suit your requirements.

Over in the workshop today, we are hand painting gold bands onto our Broxap Derby Standard Litter Bins.

We think they look fantastic.