How many cycles can I fit in a cycle locker?
A single sided locker can fit one cycle.  A double sided locker can fit two cycles.
What is the recommended spacing for Lean to Cycle Stands?
We would recommend 800mm centres as standard in-between stands this will allow you to easily manoeuvre cycles in and out of positions.
Will my Shelter be watertight to the Building?
As standard a gap of 50mm will be left between the shelter and a building. However, further protection from the elements can be offered in the form of a weather resistant barrier. For more information on weather resistance barriers please contact a member...
Can I have an enclosed Shelter?
Yes, we offer a range of options such as PVC roll up panels, Roller Shutter Doors and PETg UV Side Panels. For more information and ideas on how to enclose your shelter click here.
Can the framework of the Shelter be coated to any colour?
We offer a standard range of colours however any BS/RAL colour can be accommodated POA.
What items can be retro fitted?
Extensions to form banks of shelters, Roof extensions and guttering can all be added at a later date to suitable shelters.
How can security be increased in the shelters?
We can offer additional security through CCTV, lighting, high security panels and security gates. A range of Security measures can be offered, from simple Mesh Swinging or Sliding gates, Roller Shutter Doors, Automated Doors and much more. A wide range...
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