Lithos Mega

BX27 Mega Lithos

Mega Lithos
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Lithos Mega

BX27 Mega Lithos

Quick Overview

This reinforced concrete seating is an extension of the Standard Lithos.

Customise the unit to fit its setting! The stone section is available with either a naturalistic finish or in acrylic paint.

Like the Lithos Wood look? Add a slatted seat! You can choose from two types of timber:

  • Exotic wood - a naturally weather-resistant wood, brush painted to a 'walnut' shade.
  • Pine wood - a Scandinavian wood, pressure-treated with mineral salts.
From £1,108.00 ex-vat.

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From £1,108.00 ex-vat.



  • Length : 4000mm
  • Height : 450mm
  • Width : 700mm
  • Weight : 2400kg


  • Available in natural-look concrete finishes.
  • Also available in standard acrylic paints: brick red, ivory and concrete.

Calzolari acrylic finishes are alkali resistant and highly protective against harsh environments; it prevents carbonation due to its excellent resistance to carbon dioxide penetration. Furthermore, the acrylic coating works as a self-cleaning sealant which prevents growth of algae, mildew, fungus and moss.

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