Llanelli Showcase Canopy


Llanelli Showcase Canopy
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Llanelli Showcase Canopy


Quick Overview

The structure itself is a combination of angular Grade 316 Stainless Steel framework, which was electro-polished to give the required finish, supporting multi-angled glass panel roof sheets. The framework incorporates a natural drainage system on the lowest glass panes guiding water into one of the supporting stainless steel legs, keeping access to the structure clear for public use. Construction was completed using various plants and cranes throughout and consisted of fusion welding stainless steel beams, satin polishing the stainless material, and then applying the bespoke glass designs.



The glass roof of this project features material artwork by local artist Laura Thomas, whose designs had been selected for the project by the local council. Laura applied materials and colours to each individual panel to give a distinctive visual effect. Using solid colour panels, folded steel mesh, carbon-fibre strands and folded strips of copper, between sheets of 17.5mm Heat Soak Toughened Laminate Glass, each panel was created to give an overall effect of progression and movement through the shelter. When fitting the glass panels, Spider Fixings were used to make sure that each panel was secure and positioned correctly.

Please contact us for alternative cladding options.


  • Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  • Glazing spiders
  • Heat Soak Toughened Laminate Glass
  • Electro-polished
Case Studies

Llanelli Town Centre Regeneration

A £27 million new build school required more facility to provide lunchtime dining for pupils. Broxap provided a bespoke solution by providing a version of the standard Newcastle Senior shelter.