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BX45 nPod

The nPod sensor reduces both cost and collection times by utilising Broxap's Bin Management System (BMS). Automatic monitoring of bins provides timely warnings when they are full, permitting intelligent route planning for collections ensuring no visit is wasted and unsightly overflowing bins are a thing of the past.

How Does It Work?

  • The nPod sensor monitors the fill level and temperature which is transmitted over a wireless network to the netBin Hub.
  • The netBin hub collates the bin status information and provides optimised route planning and alerts.
  • Automatic monitoring of bins provides timely details of when they are full, creating an optimised route for collections.


  • Reduces collection times and transportation costs.
  • Permits intelligent route planning for collections.
  • Collections can be planned around bins that need emptying.
  • Route can be planned on smartphones, tablets or PCs.


  • 135 degree variable angle dual ultrasonic sensors
  • Rugged, thick-walled, high impact ABS polycarbonate
  • Reliable GPRS communication
  • Provides temperature, tilt and device status
  • Intelligent fill level analysis processing
  • Inconspicuous to bin users
  • Reliable and secure method of sending encrypted netBin data to the hub cloud

Delivery Message

Broxap offer a standard carriage service for all products, this usually takes between 3-28 days as lead times vary on specific products and quantities.

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