Playground Equipment from Broxap Ltd.

Hand Made Places is the division of Broxap which specialises in playground equipment. With over 17 years of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of playground equipment, Hand Made Places are forerunners in supplying maximum play value at a competitive price.

This range of beautiful, wooden equipment is designed to encourage learning through play in immersive environments. Alongside smaller equipment such as sandpitsanimal sculptures and outdoor musical instruments, Hand Made Places manufacture a range of outdoor classrooms and wooden gazebos, to further encourage learning on the playground.

The Hand Made Places division also specialises in the creation of new and exciting pieces of bespoke playground equipment in addition to a pre-existing range. Numerous case studies of past projects are available to view on the Hand Made Places website, where clients can see some examples of playground equipment in action.

As with the rest of Broxap, consultation with Hand Made Places is free. Hence, prospective clients are encouraged to explore the range then get in touch to book a free site visit. This is the perfect, zero obligation opportunity to discuss all site-specific needs and receive expert advice on safety, layout, surfacing and design.

Within the Hand Made Places range there are also elements of Broxap’s Playline Design division, which previously focused on the traditional run, jump and crawl aspects of playgrounds. Now you’ll find all of Broxap’s playground equipment in one place, from furniture and planters to play units and performance areas.

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