Recycled Plastic Benches

Broxap’s range of recycled plastic benches and seats are manufactured using High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). This comes from waste collected in the UK, which makes it endlessly recyclable. Recycled plastic benches have the visual look of wood but the advantages of plastic. Broxap use them to create high quality seats that stay attractive and easy to maintain for many years.

The durability of the plastic benches makes them completely weatherproof, and ideal for parks, gardens and rustic areas. The plastic benches provide resting areas without upsetting the natural "feel" to the location. They will not corrode or splinter and are therefore ideal for these exposed situations.

Recycled plastic benches and seats are available with either extended 'T' legs for concreting into the ground (root fixing), or may be supplied base plate or surface fixed. Alternatively, benches can simply be free standing. All recycled plastic benches are pigmented throughout in a range of colours providing a virtually maintenance-free finish.

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  1. Canvas 180ML
    BX71 Canvas 180 ML Canvas 180 ML
    From £981.00
  2. Teeny Tots Sloper Seat
    BX71 Teeny Tots Sloper Seat Teeny Tots Sloper Seat SEN
    From £258.00
  3. Teachers Story Telling Chair
    BX71 Teachers Story Telling Chair Teachers Story Telling Chair
    From £388.00
  4. Harrogate Chairs
    BX71 Harrogate Chair Harrogate Chair
    From £219.00
  5. Harrogate 2 Seat
    BX71 Harrogate Two Seat Harrogate Two Seat
    From £348.00
  6. Sloper Chair
    BX71 Sloper Chair Sloper Chair
    From £167.00
  7. Sloper 3 Seat Blue
    BX71 Sloper Three Seat Sloper Three Seat
    From £327.00
  8. Witton 3 Seat Black
    BX71 Witton Three Seat Witton Three Seat
    From £452.00
  9. Traditional 3 Seat
    BX71 3952 Traditional Three Seat
  10. Buddy Bench
    Buddy Bench Buddy Bench
    From £380.00
  11. Adirondack chair
    BX71 Adirondack Adirondack Chair
    From £501.00
  12. Borth Seat
    BX17 4014-BP Borth Seat
    From £479.00
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Items 13-24 of 36