Shelter Enclosures

These shelter enclosures offer an ideal, cost effective alternative to an expensive building extension. We can offer a wide range of solutions to create a partially or fully enclosed shelter to suit your needs and your budget. Shelter Enclosures offer ideal solutions for outdoor dining and learning, where-as partially enclosed shelters offers a free flow learning and play environment which often works well in Early Years settings as this allows children to move between the indoors and outdoors.

Side Panels

The ideal solution to creating a fully enclosed shelter. Side panels can be offered in a range of materials including PETg UV, Aluminum and Glass. Windows and doors can also be incorporated to create the feel of a fully enclosed building.


When creating a shelter enclosure, safe access to and from the area is a must. We offer fully compliant fire doors along with the option of push bar exit and a range of locking mechanisms including keyed lock, mechanical keypad locks and swipe card/fob entry. Therefore catering to your security needs while complying with your health and safety musts.

Roller Shutter Doors

Where security is in the forefront of your mind, roller shutter doors offer an excellent alternative to side panels. Designed to enclose the whole shelter or simply an element of it, roller shutters are available in full or perforated steel and have the option of vision panels, which allows you to control the visibility of the contents of your shelter enclosure. Available in Manual or Electric options, roller shutters also offer a great solution for a shelter that can be fully or partially enclosed, dependant on the weather or use.

PVC Roll Up Blinds

Offering a cost effective method to enclosing your shelter, PVC Roll up blinds are available in a wide range of colours. We can also offer vision panels cut into interesting shapes such as stars, triangles and hearts. PVC roll up blinds are ideal when working to a budget but creating an area which can be used in adverse weather conditions.


High powered LED lamps & fixtures offer the advantage of being able to use your sheltered enclosure at any time of day, the LED lamps offer an energy efficient solution while at the same time offering a well-lit area when natural light isn’t sufficient. Solar Powered lighting is also available, offering a green solution to your lighting requirements. We can also offer Heating to enhance the comfort levels within your Shelter Enclosure and CCTV where required.