Single Column Monopitch Canopies

Single column monopitch
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A monopitch canopy features a single sloped roof, supported by a number of beams or supports. As the name suggests, a single column monopitch is essentially the same, but with one crucial difference: While most canopies in this range are supported by a number of columns, this one’s supported by just one.

While this places a limit on the size of the canopy, it also creates a much more open space that’s free of all obstructions. As such, single column monopitch canopies are particularly suited for smaller applications such as cycle racks and passenger waiting shelters.

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With load bearing purlins, anti-climb end frames and anti-tamper high strength bolts, they’re solidly built to withstand almost any weather conditions. Meanwhile, the gently sloped roof, guttering, and downpipes efficiently channels even the heaviest of downpours, keeping everyone and everything beneath dry and comfortable. For added security and convenience, they can even be fitted with internal lighting.

Alternative Styles
  1. Asymmetric Arch Canopies

  2. Symmetric Arch Canopies

  3. Cantilever Arch Canopies

  4. Monopitch Canopies