Car Park Shelters

Car park and pay and display shelters are ideal for a variety of car park uses. Car park shelters provide protection for vehicles whereas pay and display shelters protect people using pay and display parking machines but can also protect notice boards or other information centres.

Both pay and display shelters and car park shelters are available in a variety of sizes and styles. For pay and display shelters, the Apollo pay and display shelter, has a simplistic look, yet it is durable and robust. The Gatwick pay and display shelter is a contemporary glass and steel shelter and has the option of having entrances in multiple positions. Broxap recommend the Gatwick shelter for large car parks.

Our range of car shelters have a simplistic yet functional design. For generic parking needs, the Farnham car park shelter is recommended. The car park shelter range also includes a car wash canopy which offers a unique and eye-catching shape with its curved sides and roof.

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