Youth / MUGA Shelters

Broxap’s youth shelters are available in a range of styles each with a variety of features, ideal for recreational grounds such as Multi-Use Games Areas (MUGAs). They provide a robust and durable shelter, constructed from steel to offer anti-vandal protection. They allow for teenagers to congregate in one place as well as providing protection from the weather.

The y-pod shelter includes integral seating for a maximum of twelve people. It also includes optional extras such as wind deflectors and anti-graffiti paint. The Leafy Glade recreation shelter is of a stylish design which encourages teenagers to socialise as the seating faces each other. This shelter also provides protection from the sun.

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  1. Beckton Chatshak Shelter

    Beckton Chatshak Shelter

    From £2,259.00 ex-vat.

    The Beckton Chatshak teenage shelter is designed to provide teenagers with a covered seating area in which to socialise. Available in an array of different colours to appeal to the younger generation.

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  2. Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter

    Tewkesbury Recreation Shelter

    From £5,555.00 ex-vat.

    This recreation shelter is an ideal environment for young people to safely meet and socialise.

    Safety is enhanced due to the ClearView PETg UV sheeting, Its angled roof is designed to shed water to the rear. The seating is arranged so that occupants are facing each other and comes in an array of bright and appealing colours.

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  3. Trojan Recreation Shelter

    Trojan Recreation Shelter

    From £3,197.00 ex-vat.

    The Trojan Recreation Shelter has a traditional design of openness yet comfort. The Trojan shelter features many vandal resistant elements and can seat up to 12 people. It is also available with wind deflectors and flat seating.

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  4. Leafy Glade Recreation Shelter

    Leafy Glade Recreation Shelter


    Stylish teenage shelter that allows teenagers to seat facing each other to socialise. The shelter allows protection from the sun and also inclement weather.

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  5. Ursuline Performing Arts Canopy

    Seville Canopy


    Having previously undertaken work at the school, Broxap were approached to assist the school and its appointed architect in the delivery of an area/structure where the children could perform.

    With a concept and shape in mind Broxap’s internal design office engineered the curved mono-pitch structure to ensure that protection to the user was maximised, run-off was satisfactorily managed, whilst the aspect from the stage remained open for both the users and the audience.

    This meant that a bespoke curved lattice beam was developed to ensure that the timber decked stepped remained free from obstructions.

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  6. Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter

    Eastbourne Sports Spectator Shelter

    From £3,694.00 ex-vat.

    Eastbourne College were looking for an innovative spectator shelter design which would be sympathetic to the sports ground. They contacted Broxap who suggested that a variation of the Cambridge asymmetric shelter would provide a suitable solution and environment for spectators.

    Broxap’s engineers discussed submerging the shelter columns into the concrete seating area to produce a simple and safe interior. The result is a spectacular stand which has enhanced the sports facility at Eastbourne College.

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