Fabric Canopies

Keep it Kool, a sub division of Broxap; provide striking architectural tensile fabric structures, which include shade sails and covered walkways, helping to deliver stylish coverings for outdoor spaces. Our Fabric Structures can be utilised in almost any capacity, including schools, pubs, airports, rail stations, transport interchanges, hospital and commercial buildings.

These high quality, stylish structures offer durable, lasting coverage with minimal maintenance and are designed & built with a sustainability in excess of 20 years. Rainwater management, lighting, CCTV integration, wayfinding and other features can be incorporated into these structures to provide further functions than weather protection and architectural flair.

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  1. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-TRI-PB Triangle Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    From £2,260.00
  2. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-HYS-PB Square Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    From £3,384.00
  3. Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
    BXSH-BSP-PB Combined Perimeter Beam Shade Sail
  4. Shade Sail Canopy
    BX/HMP 200018 Timber Shade Sail Canopy
  5. Square Conic
    BXTS/PAR/C Square Conic
    From £4,375.82
  6. Tornado Tensile Canopy
    BXTS/PAR/L Tornado
    From £3,779.37
  7. Snow Drop Canopy
    BXTS/CAN/C Snow Drop
    From £6,241.25
  8. Glider Canopy
    BXTS/CAN/L Glider
    From £7,967.77
  9. Kite Tensile Structure
    BXTS/KIT Kite
    From £5,605.11
  10. Gazebo Tensile Structure
    BXTS/GAZ/1/S Gazebo
    From £5,702.13
  11. Fabric Arc
    BXTS/GAZ/1/B Fabric Arc
    From £5,240.18
  12. Steel Canyon
    BXTS/ENT/BV Steel Canyon
    From £9,374.56
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