Drop Off Shelters & Vehicle Shelters

Broxap’s vehicle and drop off shelters offer protection to people alighting vehicles such as ambulances, buses and taxis. The shelters are designed to allow vehicles to park beneath and deposit passengers under cover and protected from the weather.

Drop off shelters are ideal at busy transport interchanges such as airports, railway stations and ports. They are available in a range of styles, sizes and materials. The Port Glasgow canopy is a stylish curved structure which is used as a vehicular drop off shelter. It creates a large drop off area and also acts as a walkway.

An inverted conic tensile fabric canopy can also be used as a drop off shelter. The inverted conic canopy is available in a range of colours and is 100% waterproof whilst providing the same level of UV protection. Bespoke designs are available to suit any application and existing surroundings. The Royal Derby canopy is a cantilevered bespoke designed canopy. The drop off shelter provides weather protection to patients arriving at the Royal Derby hospital.

Broxap’s range of vehicle shelters have a simplistic design and are ideal for car parks to provide protection to vehicles.

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