Small Andromeda

BX27 2025

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Small Andromeda

BX27 2025

Quick Overview

This concrete bench is reinforced with steel, creating a solid seating solution which is highly resistant to any damage caused by weather or vandalism.

The Andromeda design is sleek as well as study; available in acrylic or a polished stone finish.

See below for information on lighting and colour options.

From £398.00 ex-vat.

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From £398.00 ex-vat.



  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 500mm
  • Height: 500mm
  • Weight: 420kg

Finishes available

  • Acrylic colours
  • Natural concrete
  • Polished reconstructed stone

Optional additions

  • Fluorescent lamp
  • LED lighting
  • WiFi repeater & socket
  • Light absorbing luminescent particles.
    • Please note that luminescent particles are compatible with polished reconstructed stone finishes only.

Additional information

Calzolari acrylic finishes are alkali resistant and highly protective against harsh environments; it prevents carbonation due to its excellent resistance to carbon dioxide penetration. Furthermore, the acrylic coating works as a self-cleaning sealant which prevents growth of algae, mildew, fungus and moss.

Diagram for Small Andromeda