Traffic Calming Solutions

Broxap's traffic calming solutions aid the control of vehicle access. The flow control plate is an effective deterrent to encourage one-way flow. The robust, all-steel device is simple in operation as it is entirely vehicle activated and self-returning. Easy to install solid rubber speed restriction ramps are available to counteract speeds of 5mph, 10mph and 15mph.

Traffic calming solutions may be utilised as a deterrent against vehicles travelling in the wrong direction to the flow of traffic. Control plates not only provide a visible deterrent, they are also designed to physically prevent traffic, as travelling over the flow plate in the wrong direction will cause damage to the tyres. Traffic control plates may be used in a wide range of applications.

Solid segmented speed restriction ramps, 500mm wide per pair, supplied black and yellow in colour. Available in 4mph, 10mph and 15mph speed ratings.

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