Beck Street Furniture

Beck was founded in 1961 by Wilhelm Beck. He is considered a pioneer of the industrial production of this kind of inner-city and public space furniture. In the early years, Beck concentrated on the development of litter bins, a product that was not available in industrial quality. Within 15 years, Beck became a supplier of a comprehensive line of public space furniture including litter bins with ashtray combinations, etc.

Today, Beck’s contemporary street furniture have clean lines, are all hot dip galvanized or stainless, are very durable and perfectly blend both into traditional and modern outdoor environments. Beck Bins also include mesh liner. In 2003, Beck Aussenmöblierung became Beck GmbH & Co KG and relocated to Winnenden Germany. Beck’s street furniture is now part of the NUSSER group of companies.

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  1. Kelshall Litter Bin
    BX11 A7G Kelshall Litter Bin
    From £978.00
  2. Marbury Litter Bin
    BX11 A7K Marbury Marbury Litter Bin
    From £944.00
  3. Ravenfield Litter Bin
    BX11 A7AD Ravensfield Ravenfield Litter Bin
    From £1,143.00
  4. Redsmere Litter Bin
    BX11 A7F Redsmere Litter Bin
    From £979.00
  5. Budworth Litter Bin
    BX11 A13 Budworth Budworth Litter Bin
    From £465.00
  6. Kingsley Litter Bin
    BX11 A1 Kingsley Kingsley Litter Bin
    From £530.00
  7. Blakemere Litter Bin
    BX11 A13K Blakemere Blakemere Litter Bin
    From £510.00
  8. Lilleshall Litter Bin
    BX11 A14 Lilleshall Lilleshall Litter Bin
    From £443.00
  9. Tarporley Litter Bins
    A111 Tarporley Litter Bins
    From £520.00
  10. Tabley Litter Bin
    A110 Tabley Litter Bin
    From £459.00
  11. Little Leigh Litter Bin
    A170 Little Leigh Litter Bin
    From £499.00
  12. Capestone Litter Bin
    A180 Capestone Litter Bin
    From £944.00
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12 Items

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