Decorative Panels & Posts

Broxap offer a range of aesthetically pleasing panels and posts for use in both gardens and green spaces.

These large panels feature an array of different intricate designs. From floral to abstract patterns, there really is something to suit any taste.

These patterns/designs are laser cut into the panel itself, resulting in natural light being funnelled through the small spaces, and creating a visually stimulating display of light.

Additionally, these screens embody practicality by not only providing a visually appealing focal point, but a practical privacy screen too. Privacy screens such as these can be used to create an intimate seating area for both public and residential spaces.

Subsequently, decorative screens can also be used to add an element of shade to a pre-erected seating area. However, as there is no added UV protection, appropriate sun safety measures must still be taken.

Furthermore, our decorative screens boast both longevity and durability. Additionally, due to the nature of the Corten Steel panel, they are also weatherproof and maintenance free.

For more information please contact one of our specially trained advisers.

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