Litter Bins and Recycling Bins

Broxap design and manufacture a wide range of litter bins and recycling bins. Through continuous product design and development we strive to maintain our record of producing the UK’s toughest litter bins. This involves using the highest quality materials and taking advantage of the latest technological manufacturing techniques that equally have the least impact on the environment and supported by the most stringent of quality control procedures.

External litter bins are designed to suit any location and application. Litter bins are available in a variety of materials including cast iron, steel, stainless steel, timber and plastic. Designs include open top, canopied square, circular and pedestal style litter bins. All litter bins can be designed to complement any existing area.

Timber and cast iron litter bins are popular as park bins as they have an eye-catching and attractive appearance. Steel litter bins offer strength and are vandal resistance making them ideal for high streets, recreation areas and rural locations. Plastic litter bins provide an economic alternative to steel or stainless steel litters bins whilst still being tough.

Our range of recycling bins are suitable for any location including on-street locations, parks, shopping centres and schools. From large multi-waste outdoor recycling bins to smaller internal recycling bins suitable for office use, our recycling bin range can suit any application and location.

With 30 years of manufacturing experience, our maintenance and refurbishment litter bin programmes and market leading 10 year guarantee, Broxap litter bins and recycling bins remain the best choice for all your external and internal waste management needs.

Our litter bins and recycling bins are designed to be functional, tough and durable and to fit within existing surroundings. Broxap design and manufacture the well-known Derby litter bins which are known for being tough and durable. We have never had a door forcibly removed in over 25 years of on-street operation which is a true testament to Broxap’s litter and recycling bin manufacturing process.

Optional extras with our litter bins include rodent bait bases, anti-graffiti or fly poster coating. Corporate crests and logos can be added to customise litter bins. Another optional extra is the new Thinkbin which is a bin management system.

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