Litter and Recycling Bins

Broxap has over 30 years’ experience designing, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of litter bins and external recycling bins suitable for any environment. Broxap are trusted suppliers of robust and functional litter bins to local authorities, schools, workplaces, parks and more.

Through continuous product design and development we strive to maintain our record of producing the UK’s toughest litter bins. This involves using the highest quality materials and taking advantage of the latest technological manufacturing techniques that equally have the least impact on the environment and supported by the most stringent of quality control procedures.

Outdoor bins provide litter solutions for any application from general waste to dog waste or cigarette bins. Our range includes traditional and contemporary designs, available in a variety of materials. We also provide the opportunity for customisation with logos or corporate crests.

Our versatile range of external litter bins and recycling bins make them ideal for any location including in parks, school playgrounds, towns and cities or at waterside locations. They are designed to complement any surroundings.

Broxap offer a market leading 10 year guarantee as well as a maintenance and refurbishment litter bin programme.

WE HAVE NEVER HAD A DOOR FORCIBLY REMOVED IN OVER 25 YEARS OF ON-STREET OPERATION - a true testament to Broxap Limited's litter and recycling bin manufacturing process.

Our experts can help to find the correct litter bin solutions for your requirements.

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