Litter and Recycling Bins

Together with Broxap’s traditional cast iron range of litter bins comes a new sleek and stylish range of steel, stainless steel and plastic litter bins and recycling units.

Through continuous product design and development, we strive to maintain our record of producing the UK’s toughest litter bins, by using the highest quality materials, taking advantage of the latest technological manufacturing techniques that equally have the least impact on the environment, all supported by the most stringent of quality control procedures.

With our maintenance and refurbishment litter bin programmes, and our marketing leading 10 year guarantees and 30 years of manufacturing experience, Broxap Litter Bins and Recycling remain the best choice for all your internal and external waste management needs.

WE HAVE NEVER HAD A DOOR FORCIBLY REMOVED IN OVER 25 YEARS OF ON-STREET OPERATION - a true testament to Broxap Limited's litter and recycling unit manufacturing process.

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