Cast Iron Litter Bins

The toughest cast iron litter bins in the UK

Broxap’s heavyweight, traditional classic styles to the more contemporary designs, all provide elegance with a high resistance to vandalism. Cast in grade 250 BS EN 11561:1997. Also available in anti-vandal ductile iron. Logos, crests and/or lettering can be integrated into the bin design.

Broxap cast iron litter bins meet the following British Standards: Grey cast iron - BS EN 1561:1997 Specification for flake graphite cast iron. Broxap normally produce Grade 250; Ductile iron - BS EN 1563:1997 Specification for spheroidal graphite cast iron. Broxap normally produce in Grade 450-10.

Cast iron litter bins are supplied with a two pack acrylic primer. Once this primer is completely dry, a two pack acrylic top coat is added in a range of BS and RAL colours.

Cast iron litter bins can be customised to create special public or corporate identity through the casting of logos, crests, coats of arms, lettering, dates or other unique elements.

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